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Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson is a great place to commence or continue your career.

Our client-focussed culture is the defining characteristic of our firm. In this way, we encourage all our staff to develop strong relationships with the individuals and organisations with whom we work.

This approach encourages collaboration, communication and knowledge-sharing amongst our legal and support staff. We value professionalism, technical competency, communication skills and a team-based approach to the law.

Due to the medium sized nature of our firm, our junior lawyers work closely with our more senior practitioners. Ongoing professional development is an integral part of our culture and is implemented via in-house seminars and attendance at external training sessions. Our office environment is both professional and friendly, making Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson a great place to develop your career.

Unfortunately at the moment we have no vacancies. However we can be contacted on careers@tde.com.au