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Issue 15, Autumn 2016

Inside this issue: Child Support FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions); What is a caveat and how does it impact your property?; What is a Testamentary Discretionary Trust Will?; How to ensure you have a binding and valid legal document?; Personnel Profile: TDE farewells Sylvia Varsamis.

Download Issue 15 – 600 KB

Issue 14, Spring 2015

Inside this issue: Top tips for running your family business; Trees in suburban gardens; Fencing disputes; Power of attorney – new laws in Victoria; What to do when a relationship breaks down; Practitioner profile, Randall Bradshaw.

Download Issue 14 – 1MB

Issue 13, Autumn 2015

Inside this issue: Retirement Villages – a lifestyle choice not an investment; Family violence and the law; Have you conducted a business health check recently?; The mediation process – what to expect; Is it important to have a will?; Practitioner profile, Peter Weymouth.

Download Issue 13 – 1MB

Issue 12, Summer 2014

Inside this issue: Claiming against an estate – who is eligible?, GST and the sale of “going concerns” and farming land, Proprietary Estoppel, Practitioner Profile; David Phelan, Family Law; Seek early advice upon relationship breakdown.

Download Issue 12 – 1MB

Issue 11, Winter 2014

Inside this issue: “Save the date” – things to consider upon marriage, Changing your will on your deathbed, Social media in the workplace, Holiday homes – what to consider before you buy, Office reception relocation, Personnel Profiles; Philip Jones, Faten Awad, Annette Esposito & Catherine O’Connor.

Download Issue 11 – 643kb

Issue 10, Spring 2013

Inside this issue: Can you limit the scope of your Power of Attorney?, Why you should have a Will and when you should review it?, Can you get spousal maintenance after divorce?, Superannuation debts and the new Director Penalty laws, Our Partnership, TDE gets to know the Docklands.

Download Issue 10 – 550kb

Issue 9, Autumn 2013

Inside this issue: What are your responsibilities as an executor?, Adverse Possession, Divorce FAQ, Lost or destroyed certificates of title, Maximising the security of your commercial tenancy agreement.

Download Issue 9 – 700kb

Issue 8, Spring 2012

Inside this issue: What happens to Facebook when you die?, Divorce & the family farm, Does the Budget affect your super?, “Owners Corporation,” the new name for Body Corporate, Lending money to family and friends.

Download Issue 8 – 1.8mb

Issue 7 – Summer 2012

Inside this issue: Gifts made to lovers – are they recoverable?, GAIC update – Land tax status of primary production land, Testamentary trusts – Good news about transfer duty, Who bears the costs in family provision claims?, John Henry retires from partnership to consultancy role with TDE, TDE announces new partner – Ines Kallweit.

Download Issue 7 – 1.8mb

Issue 6 – Winter 2011

Inside this issue: Mediation and alternative dispute resolution – what is it?, The importance of finalising financial matters before commencing a new relationship, Testamentary Trusts: A warning about transfer duty, Business name registration set to change.

Download Issue 6 – 3.3mb

Issue 5 – Summer 2010/11

Inside this issue: Intellectual Property – what is it and how do you protect it? The GAIC places new liabilities on land in Victorian urban growth areas, The new Civil Procedure Act, The importance of superannuation splitting.

Download Issue 5 – 348kb

Issue 4 – Winter 2010

Inside this issue: Estates: Overriding the Will, Personal Property Securities Reform, Need a Will? Need a lawyer.

Download Issue 4 – 565kb

Issue 3 – July 2009

Inside this issue: Where there’s a Will, Notaries, Property laws change for De Facto couples, Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution.

Download Issue 3 – 397kb

Issue 2 – December 2008

Inside this issue: Adverse Possession, Disputes over co-owned land, Child Support

Download Issue 2 – 2.2mb

Issue 1 – August 2008

Inside this issue: The Relationships Act 2008, Green Leases, and Testamentary Trusts

Download Issue 1 – 2.3mb


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