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Our firm - FAQ & Testimonials

Although the legal matters may differ, the initial questions are often the same.

At Tolhurst Druce & Emmerson we understand that our clients engage our services for many and varied reasons. Although the legal matters may differ, the initial questions are often the same.

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How much will my matter cost?

On the whole, legal issues are charged according to the time that your lawyer spends working on your matter. Hourly rates for our lawyers vary, depending upon their seniority and experience. As a general guide our hourly rates range between $260 – $380 per hour, except where a set fee is applicable. At your first interview, your lawyer will discuss costs and we encourage you to ask any questions that you may have at this time.

How long will my matter take?

The length of time that legal matters take will vary, depending upon the nature of the transaction or dispute. Your lawyer will give you an estimate of the timeframe for your matter. As your matter progresses, you will be updated should this timeframe change.

How long do I have to pay my legal bill?

Our bills are prepared on a regular basis and we ask that you pay each tax invoice within 30 days. Should it be required, we are happy to discuss alternative payment arrangements. If you are experiencing difficulty with payment, please speak to your lawyer.

How do I communicate with my lawyer?

Our lawyers are accessible and do their very best to return your calls as promptly as possible. If they are not available, we encourage you to leave a message or ask to speak to your lawyers’ personal assistant. Our firm has a policy that all telephone calls should be returned within 24 hours. Our lawyers are also accessible via email and we recommend you contact them in this way.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me to my meetings?

We understand that legal proceedings can be an unfamiliar and stressful experience. Our lawyers are all experienced in their fields of law and are well versed in guiding clients through the legal process. If you would feel more comfortable with a trusted friend or family member, we are very happy for you to bring them with you to meetings.



We get good service and it is always a pleasure to deal with your firm. Neville Miles, Va-Vite Pty Ltd

Friendly and responsive – not too expensive. Peter Kempen

I appreciate being able to speak to the person dealing with me and having my calls returned promptly. Hilary Sanguinetti

Friendly but completely professional. Helen Rose